Sugandha Chapman (Sig) is a Holistic Health + Mindset coach, mama of two cheeky kids, and founder of The Glow Revolution and My Organic Child. Both have been built on the belief that if you want to give light to others you must first find the glow within yourself and that kindness is the ultimate thing we can teach our kids. My Organic Child is a hub for organic style, natural parenting and conscious living for modern mums. There you can also find some favourite resources and tips about anything relating to gentle parenting, holistic health + wellness, baby led weaning, eco and non-tox living, creativity + motherhood and simple living while trying to find balance in the chaos.
caroline fenton


Caroline is the founder of My Organic Child… you found us, welcome! A biz mama at heart, Avidiva is also her baby. An online store curating premium, all natural gifts for mamas and their babes. Being mum to two premmie babes, Caroline loves to research and share her finds in the hope of simplifying for other mums. It’s all about empowering ourselves in an information overload world,¬†providing the best for our mini humans, and learning to slow down.