Kinesiology to help your Developing Toddler

3 Easy Movements to help your Developing Toddler

Our babies grow up so fast and before we know it they are toddlers running around and getting into everything, asking questions and wanting to know more. We all want to give our precious children the best start in life, so here are a few easy movements to help. Kinesiology To Help Activate Your Toddler’s Developing Brain:

Cross crawl 

The Cross Crawl is a great way to help integrate both hemispheres of the developing brain while encouraging crossing the midline.  It is also fantastic for helping with balance and coordination.

The action is basically marching on the spot, placing one hand or elbow on the opposite knee and repeating until the action becomes smooth.   You can make a game of this by marching around the house to music or even crawling on the floor ensuring the opposite arm and leg move at the same time.

Figure eights

Figure Eight’s help to develop coordination of the eyes for crossing the visual midline.  It helps to ready the eyes for reading at a later date as well as prepares the hand / eye coordination for writing.

Begin at the middle of the page and go up and out to the left, drawing a circle.  Then come back to the middle and go up and out to the right returning to the middle.  You can continue on a loop going up and around.

This can be done as creatively as you like using different mediums such as markers, pencils, paint, (even finger painting) or drawing the symbol in the sand.  If your child can’t yet drawing, watching a Hot Wheels racing track in the shape of a figure eight can help prepare the brain for drawing it at a later date.


The Positive Points

Placing your hand over your “Positive Points” can help a child to calm down and return to the present moment encouraging blood flow to the frontal cortex of the brain and regulating the amygdala’s fight, flight or freeze hyperarousal response.

It’s as simple as placing either their hand or yours over there forehead and asking them to breathe deeply for a few minutes.  This can help when they are having a temper tantrum or if they are having trouble falling asleep.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you, but the biggest thing to remember is that kids learn through playing and exploring which helps their developing brains to learn on their own terms, in their own way and in their own time.  And please reach out if you have any concerns.

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