for the love of the rice cracker

As a premmie mama, I have an interest in all things natural, good, and non-toxic. This includes products, skincare and extends to little tummies too! I have a passion for food… cooking, baking, making, creating… but only when I have the time (and there’s only so much you can squeeze into a 40 minute nap!). The joy of preparing and creating food kind of disappears when it’s a race against time to feed hungry tummies and beat the countdown to bedtime!

I’m much like you in that I want my little one to learn about foods, enjoy them, and have the best to nourish his little body. If only it were as easy as that hey? Spending time preparing foods, encouraging them to eat it, only for it to be knocked out of your hand, off the spoon, swiped onto the floor… and you feel demoralised. Ho hum… back to the rice crackers then… a crinkle of the packet and that smile emerges! Oh, if only he’d enjoy everything else as much as that bland boring cardboard rice cracker!

Then I ask myself, is it such a bad thing? Here’s a few little (more positive) takes I’d like to share… mostly to make myself feel a little bit better but in the hope it may help another mama too!

For starters, yay… your little one is using his own hands to feed himself! Plus also is learning about great crunchy textures. Using his tongue to move food around, pushing it side to side to develop his chewing skills… all good stuff!
While he’s got his hands full there’s a perfect opportunity to sneak a few more nourishing spoonfuls in. Maybe even pinch up a few leftover bits off his tray and pop them in, then you’ll feel you had a small win at least!

Try breaking the rice crackers into different size pieces. Develop his pincer grip by giving him little ones, see if he can master a bigger piece maybe even with two hands, or can he hold a long piece in his hand while nibbling the end? Experiment and have fun. He may well be able to show off some new skills to you, and maybe some that neither of you knew he had!

If he is still enjoying the oh so delicious rice cracker, try spreading on some other goodies… avocado, banana, whatever you have to hand, even cream cheese or vegemite will do. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may even be able to add some other bits on such as ham or tuna (not that they’ll stay on for long!). Let him get messy! He may even enjoy the extra goodies, and you can try leaving pieces of those on his tray for him to choose from.

So actually, use that rice cracker to your advantage! Think about it as your secret weapon… a vehicle to provide him with other healthy, nutritious foods… a tool to distract his little hands… and a way to deceive, and hopefully achieve! It’s worth it to see that little one smile 🙂

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