7 Tips to Help You overcome Port-Partum Depression

7 Tips To Help You Overcome Post Partum Depression. As someone that suffered through post-partum, I remember all too well just how difficult life can feel.  There is the overwhelming tiredness that never seems to end and the constant doubt in your own ability to look after this gorgeous precious life you can now hold in your arms.

Then there’s the constant battle in your head that goes something like “How can I feel like this when I have this gorgeous baby?” which only gets worse when someone repeats that to you and then adds, “It’s simple you just need to get over it!”  I heard those messages so many times while I was suffering from depression, and I still remember those comments making me feel even worse and feeling more like a failure.

So to start with, please STOP.

  • Listening to those comments.
  • Beating yourself up.
  • Thinking you are a bad mother.
  • Thinking something is wrong.

And know you:

  • Are doing a fantastic job.
  • Are a great mother.
  • Deserve to feel good.

BUT you do need to get help.

And that help is from whoever you feel can help you.  It will be someone that does not judge you in any way.  Someone that does not say those comments I mentioned above.  Someone that will help you work through your emotions in a way that is comfortable with you.

Having a baby is such a life changing experience that there is no way you can ever be fully prepared.  And the more you attempt to prepare, the more things can go awry.

Here are my 7 Tips To Help You Overcome Post Partum Depression:

  1. So the first thing I want to say to you is there is no one way to be a mother. You will find your way and you need to learn to trust your instincts.  If reading articles on “HOW TO” raise your baby make you feel worse, stop reading them. If speaking to some people about how you feel, stop speaking to those people about how you feel.
  2. Sleep is also important so please get sleep when you can. The dishes can wait.  The vacuuming can wait. Take away for dinner is fine.
  3. Ask for help. Ask your partner, mother, mother in law, sister, any other family member or even friends for help when you need it.  If you need a nap ask if they can watch the baby while you take a day time nap.  Or nap when your baby does.  A lack of sleep is one of the biggest issues that can affect depression.
  4. Get moving. Move in any way you can whether it’s going for a walk with the pram or marching on the spot placing your hand on the opposite knee.  This may seem simple but it’s getting you moving, increasing blood low and helping your right and left hemispheres to balance (meaning thinking will become clearer).
  5. The other thing you can try is to place your hands on your forehead. This is called ESR or Emotional Stress Relief.  Placing your hand here encourages blood flow to the frontal cortex which helps you to become present in this moment.  Quite often depression is thoughts and feeling about another time.
  6. Get some yellow in to your life. Colours affect the way we see life and yellow is the colour for happiness.  Get some sunshine, even if it’s sitting next to the window.  And eat yellow foods like bananas, squash or lemonade fruit (it’s a lemon that you can eat as it’s not so sour).
  7. Find the small things in your daily life that make you smile. Things like a warm bath or shower or watching a little TV that helps you relax and switch off for a period of time.

Things will get better…

And the biggest thing to know is that things will get better.  Life does get easier.  Be gentle on yourself and know that you are doing a great job and you are perfect exactly as you are.

And remember, Happiness Start with a Smile and Empowerment Starts with a Choice!

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7 Tips To Help You Overcome Post Partum Depression. As someone that suffered...
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